Hollywood’s New Globalism: South Korean Film Wins Best Picture

Hollywood has been exporting television shows and movies for years, raking in billions from around the world, dominating global entertainment culture, promoting individualism, flashy dress, challenging conservative norms and local taboos in dozens of countries. "Overseas box office exceeded $31 billion in 2019, a record, and nearly 2½ times the amount the studios generated in the... Continue Reading →

Near Unanimous U.S. Support for Hong Kong’s Human Rights: Rare Consensus

The US Senate voted unanimously, and all but one member of the US House (Thomas Massey, R-KY) voted to support human rights in Hong Kong, tying favored nation trade status to the island nation's freedoms and ability to determine its own future. President Trump signed the legislation, and residents of Hong Kong reacted with appreciation,... Continue Reading →

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