The Expat Life: Revitalizing Your Career With a Job in a Foreign Country

"Meet 10 American psychologists from a variety of subfields who revitalized their careers and their lives by moving to another country." They took jobs in Shangai, Mumbai, the UK, Costa Rica, Geneva, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Toyko, Grenada, and one psychologist working for the Agency for International Development traveled to places like Albania and Zimbabwe. Click.

Laborers, Indentured Servants, Run-aways, Modern-Day Slaves, Abused Workers Are All Too Common in Era of Globalization

An ongoing campaign by CNN, since 2011, estimates that 40 million people are victims of modern-day slavery, including human trafficking, forced labor, abuse of wage and hour laws, debt bondage, domestic servitude, commercial sexual exploitation, child labor, forced marriage, child soldiers, and forced sex acts for money,   (See the CNN report, "What Is Modern... Continue Reading →

Look for Jobs Abroad

Job seekers should not limit themselves to jobs in their home country. Traditionally, the British and the Filipinos are two nationalities that have passionately embraced this concept, with 20 percent of the population living abroad for at least a portion of their lives. In contrast, only a fraction of American civilians live abroad -- currently... Continue Reading →

Online Gathering Place for Expats

The Wall Street Journal hosts an informative "expat" group on Facebook, with currently about 8,000 members. It links to articles about "hardship posts"; cultural differences in definitions of trash; best books for expats; links to expat blogs; retiring abroad; raising trilingual children; quality of life for Americans in India; difficulty adjusting when returning to home... Continue Reading →

World’s Best Cities for Expats

Mercer Consultancy has published its annual evaluation of the world's best cities for expats, with European cities, particularly in Germany, topping the list. In 2016, the winners are: 15. Toronto. 14. Bern. 13. Berlin. 12. Wellington (New Zealand). 11. Amsterdam. 10. Sydney. 9. Copenhagen. 8. Geneva. 7. Frankfurt. 6. Dusseldorf. 5. Vancouver. 4. Munich. 3.... Continue Reading →

‘Expert Expat’: Guide to Relocation Abroad

Tips and advice from two veteran expats: Melissa Brayer Hess,  Deputy Director of Crisis Management Training at the Foreign Institute Leadership and Management School; and Patricia Linderman, Editor in Chief of Tales from a Small Planet, a website for English-speaking expats around the world, Book was published in 2011.

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