Humans Have Migrated Due to Wars, Famines, Disasters, Climate for Millennia

We Are All Descended from Migrants, National Geographic, 2019: "Even if you live today in the Rift Valley, in Africa, mother continent to us all, on the site of the earliest discovered remains of our species, your ancestors too moved—they left, changed, and intermingled before returning to the place you live now...None of us is a... Continue Reading →

Imagining What Life Was Like Before You Were Born

Imagining what life was like before we were born is typically not an easy task. When I asked Emirati students about life before their country, the UAE, was founded in 1971, it was like asking American students what life was like before their country was founded in 1776, with the Declaration of Independence. The American... Continue Reading →

5 Eras of Modern Middle East. What’s Next?

The modern Middle East can be divided into five eras, according to Eugene Rosen, author of "The Arabs." Ottoman Empire Era. Arab countries dominated by Turks (1516-1878). Colonial Era. British and French dominate -- they carve up countries and create artificial borders (1878-1948). Independence movements (1878-1967). "Al-Nahda" renaissance movement in North Africa, Egypt and Syria/Lebanon.... Continue Reading →

Every Nation Must Recognize Its Dark Side

Citizens of every nation need to recognize the dark sides of their own history, less they repeat the mistakes of the past. I have lived in three countries (spent months in a fourth), and the people who frighten me the most are those who insist that their country is perfect, except for "them" (the immigrants).... Continue Reading →

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