To Intervene Or Not Intervene? That’s the Awful Question the US Often Faces

Should the US intervene in Syrian massacres? Should it have toppled the butcher Assad, who waged war against his own people? Some people think so, and that the US showed cowardice in not intervening, or in failing to build an international force to intervene. "Aleppo will join the ranks of those events in world history... Continue Reading →

What Diplomacy Requires

"Sleepless tact, immovable calmness and patience that no folly, no provocation, no blunder can shake." -- Lord Salisbury (1830-1903), aka Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury,¬†British Prime Minister (the last to run Britain from the House of Lords). Quoted by journalist Alan Philps¬†in a column about US's declining involvement in the Middle East.... Continue Reading →

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