Hypartisanship May Damage Democratic Norms Around the World

Around the time that the US House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump on an almost completely partisan basis, schools over the world were holding elections for class officers. Given the dysfunctional model of self-government offered by the world's foremost democracy, it should not be surpring that some students were quick to reject the results... Continue Reading →

Lost Cause: Trying to Teach Democratic Values Abroad in an Anti-Democratic Era

Many of my Middle Eastern students up until 2016 expressed admiration for American democracy, the country's emphasis on human rights, the civil rights movement and leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. Turkey long considered itself a democracy,┬ástudents said, modeled after the US. The Constitution of the United Arab Emirates, written in 1971, stated that the... Continue Reading →

Trump Sides With Authoritarians in Middle East, Says He Doesn’t Care About Human Rights

Emboldened by US President Donald Trump, authoritarian leaders of the Mideast have cracked down on their perceived internal adversaries, with mass expulsions, arrests, deportations, media blackouts, shutdowns and even, in the case of Saudi Arabia, the murder of a journalist. In 2017, Middle Eastern countries cut off diplomatic and economic relations with Qatar, started saber-rattling... Continue Reading →

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