Exploitation, Benefits of Global Migration for Filipinos, Americans. Similarities, Differences in How They Are Treated

A sentimental open letter from an American teacher to the Filipino people reveals the largely hidden exploitation and benefits from this new age of global migration. LOVE LETTER TO FILIPINOS By David H. Harwell, PhD I am writing to thank Filipinos for the way you have treated me here, and to pass on a lesson... Continue Reading →

When Working Abroad Challenges Values

Sooner or later while working abroad, your values are likely to be challenged. If the salary is good, helping to build a next egg and financial security for you and your family, you may face a quandary. Keep quiet, do what's expected, accept what might be unprofessional or abusive treatment, or ask questions, challenge the... Continue Reading →

The Expat Life: Revitalizing Your Career With a Job in a Foreign Country

"Meet 10 American psychologists from a variety of subfields who revitalized their careers and their lives by moving to another country." They took jobs in Shangai, Mumbai, the UK, Costa Rica, Geneva, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Toyko, Grenada, and one psychologist working for the Agency for International Development traveled to places likeĀ Albania and Zimbabwe. Click.

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