Dystopian, Oppressive, Exploitative Environments Can Exist Anywhere

"Wouldn't you like to work abroad again?" my wife asked. While in many ways I loved our experiences in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, I recoil at the thought of living in countries without due process, a Bill of Rights, without a Constitution securing the rule of law. "I don't want to live in... Continue Reading →

Prosperity Grows World-wide, But Income Inequality Increases Also

In 2018, global prosperty rose and "is at its highest ever point; the median score has moved up the equivalent of 15 places since 2007. Since 2013, 113 countries have improved their Prosperity Score," and 95 countries improved their score from 2017, according to the global Prosperity Index. "However, this improvement is not shared equally.... Continue Reading →

The 25 Most Powerful Passports in the World

Passportindex.org ranks passports by power, the ability of citizenship to open doors for visas upon arrival, to breeze past customs, to obtain jobs, residency and dual citizenship.  There are seven top levels of passports -- the most powerful -- which get you into between 156 and 162 countries without a visa, or visa upon arrival.... Continue Reading →

50 Countries with the Best Quality of Life

"What brings meaning to your life? Is it connection to your family? A satisfying job? Good health? Freedom of speech? And which countries in the world help its citizens to achieve life satisfaction? In ranking of the countries with the best quality of life, U.S. News came up with its own points system. They used... Continue Reading →

Best Countries: Guess Who’s Tops in Rankings of 80 Nations?

In a time of almost blind nationalist pride and tribalism, US News and World Report has tried something daring: to quantify an objective list of "best countries."  It tries to rank countries on factors like adventure, citizenship, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, heritage, movers, open for business, power, and quality of life. The top three out of 80 countries ranked, with the... Continue Reading →

Social Trust Levels in Various Countries

Social trust is highest in China, Sweden, Australia, Great Britain, Canada and the United States, and lowest in Serbia, Malaysia, Peru, Turkey, Brazil, South Korea, Chile, Italy, Argentina, and South Africa. That's the result of an online survey of global trends by Ipsos that explored attitudes and behaviors of more than 18,000 consumers and citizens in... Continue Reading →

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