Crossing Southern Jordanian Border Into Israel, There’s A Story Around Every Corner

Traveling in Israel is such a rich experience. No matter what you think about the “recent unpleasantness,” this land, including occupied territories, is smaller than the US state of New Jersey, with a documented 4000-year-old history, so you can’t travel far without encountering something of historical, mythological, archaeological, or newsworthy significance. Travel into Israel broke historic... Continue Reading →

Extraordinary Roman Ruins in Jerash, Jordan, Near Syrian Border

I have been fortunate to visit Roman ruins in Rome, Naples, Italy; Ephesus, Turkey, and Bath, England. Jerash, Jordan competes with the best of them. I was a bit disconcerted when I realized Jerash was just 21 miles from the Syrian border, and that stray missiles from the civil war have occasionally landed nearby. But alas,... Continue Reading →

Petra: More Spectacular Than Grand Canyon

Lucia wrote: “I love my career and the places it allows me to explore…Jalal drove us the four hours south from Amman to Petra. On the way down, modern buildings mix with Bedouin tents, goats and sheep with herders. Our mid-level hotel, the Amra Palace, offered a bland buffet dinner to run from, but we had... Continue Reading →

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