Are Globalization, Climate Change, Technology, China’s Rise Pushing the World Toward Authoritarianism?

Critics of globalization on the right and left fear that it is creating dystopian societies: migrants, in unprecedented waves, forced to leave their homes and their loved ones to find sustainable work abroad, without the rights of citizenship or of collective bargaining; natives in the bottom 70 percent of society who struggle economically, are poorly... Continue Reading →

Culture Shock: ‘Downton Abbey’ Illustrates Similarities to Lives of Gulf Aristocrats Today

Seeing the "Downton Abbey" movie in 2019, I was reminded of the lives of my wealthiest and best-connected students in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. They live like royalty, they have many servants, formal dining times, some are equestrians, lovers of classical music. They are driven by chauffeurs or drive expensive cars  Their social class... Continue Reading →

Dangers of Excessive Globalization Are Clear

The advocates of unrestricted globalization -- world citizenship, trans-nationalism, open borders, mass migration, free trade, rampant outsourcing, unregulated media -- and who eagerly brand as small-minded "bigots" anyone who opposes these things do not understand what is happening, argues John B. Judis. A common national identity is essential to democracies and the modern nation-state, he... Continue Reading →

85+ Jobs With Opportunities To See the World; Someone Else Pays

1-4. Medical professional and international aid worker: doctor, nurse, physician's assistant, telemedicine. 5-20. Communications professional: journalist (foreign correspondent), writer, public relations, strategic communications, advocacy, media analytics, sports communication and management, game-maker, cinema and television, communications design, interactive media, photographer. 21-24. Transportation. Pilot, flight attendant (steward or stewardess), airline or auto mechanic. 25-32. Travel. Hospitality. Food.... Continue Reading →

Working Classes Left Behind By Globalism

"Globalization was the driving force behind the growth miracle in emerging markets, lifting millions of people out of poverty over the past few decades. Now, a backlash against how the global income pie has been divided up is increasingly influencing the political affairs of developed markets...Globalization constituted a massive labor supply shock, allowing corporations to tap cheaper workers. The benefit... Continue Reading →

Obama Speaks to UN on Globalism

President Obama gave an important speech to the United Nations in 2016. He opened with a litany of accomplishments, but then quickly moved to the challenges of globalism: "Around the globe we are seeing the same forces of global integration that have made us interdependent also expose deep fault lines in the existing international order...This... Continue Reading →

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