‘Stop Pretending Everyone Can Travel’

Oneika Raymond, "a journalist, media personality, and Travel Channel host who has journeyed to over 100 countries on 6 continents. Toronto-born but New York City-based," she's "obsessed with experiencing everything this gorgeous planet has to offer." On her travel blog, she has a thought-provoking post on travel snobbery, noting that "there are circumstances, many of... Continue Reading →

Citizenship: Easiest and Most Difficult to Get

Dominica (in the Caribbean), Paraguay, Portugal, Ireland, Israel (if a parent is Jewish) and Brazil  are the countries where it's easiest to obtain citizenship. Switzerland, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and the United States are countries where it's most difficult to obtain citizenship. Ten years of residence is necessary for most European countries. The Netherlands only... Continue Reading →

Global Nomad, Dancing Around the World Since 2003

Matt Harding is an example of the global nomad phenomenon. In the 21st century, relatively cheap international flights combined with inexpensive mobile phones, video cameras, Internet connections, social media, cheap lodging, the blurring of international boundaries online, and a traveling infrastructure have made the world a lot smaller. Between 2003 and 2005, Harding innocently recorded... Continue Reading →

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