Academic Freedom In Danger Worldwide, Especially in China and Other Authoritarian Countries

Repressive governments are cracking down on colleges and universities in more than 60 countries, according to a report by Professor Kirsten Roberts Lyer and researcher Aran Suba for the International Center for Not-for-profit Law. They outlined ways in which educators, administrators, and students are losing freedoms: When colleges and universities lack institutional autonomy and face... Continue Reading →

Conformity, Obedience to Authority, Piety, More Important Than Critical Thinking

My colleagues and I, teaching in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, frequently observed that most of our students lacked serious critical thinking skills. They were much more comfortable with memorization and rote learning. As an instructor, you rarely encountered serious questioners and independent thinkers, the kind that were the heart of discussions in my high... Continue Reading →

Interested in Teaching Abroad? Check Out is a placement agency for teachers, with a considerable number of jobs available in the Middle East and China, as well as online tutoring opportunities. While I have not personally used this agency, I do know of people who recommend it. Youtube videos on TeachAway Reviews of Teachaway on the website.

10 Books on Teaching Abroad

Here are 10 books on teaching abroad. Others that I did not include delve in-depth into techniques for teaching English abroad. Teaching English Abroad: Your Expert Guide to Teaching English Around the World, by Susan Griffith, 16th Edition, 2017. "Susan Griffith is the author of a number of bestselling travel titles including Gap Years for... Continue Reading →

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