Expats, Students, Living Abroad, Growing in Global Awareness, Citizen-to-Citizen Diplomacy. Hosted By Jim Buie

My wife, sons and I were “expats” living outside the US for eight years. We always wanted to live abroad, but weren’t purposeful in seeking out an expat lifestyle nor sure how to practically make it happen. This blog ideally provides inspiration, and valuable information, for people who want to live abroad. It can also serve as a gathering place for expats, readers simply seeking global awareness,  sojourners or armchair travelers.

My wife and I started in a relatively low-risk way. She was offered a teaching job in central Turkey and went for a month to check it out and see if we could build a good life.  She had a good feeling about it and summoned us to follow. I was an Internet consultant and figured I could telecommute from anywhere.

My older son, at age 20, was hired as an acoustical engineer in the entertainment division of a cruise ship, and over eight years traveled to more than 100 countries. Luckily, family could on occasion travel for free if there was space available.

When I arrived in central Anatolia, within a month I was recruited to teach English at the local university and local private schools. We had a delightful two years in Turkey. Then we moved to Abu Dhabi UAE in 2011, and that’s where we settled, through 2017, until after our youngest son completed high school.

Our full story of adopting an expat lifestyle is in the introductory section of this blog.

During our years abroad, we feel we have truly become citizens of the world. And yet like most expats, we left a part of our hearts in our home country, the United States, and frequently reflected on what it means to be an American. I keep companion blogs from an expat point-of-view on

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