Exploitation, Benefits of Global Migration for Filipinos, Americans. Similarities, Differences in How They Are Treated

A sentimental open letter from an American teacher to the Filipino people reveals the largely hidden exploitation and benefits from this new age of global migration. LOVE LETTER TO FILIPINOS By David H. Harwell, PhD I am writing to thank Filipinos for the way you have treated me here, and to pass on a lesson... Continue Reading →

Can Americans Abroad Immerse Themselves in Other Cultures?

HISHAM MATAR in NYT: “When I was 12 years old, living in Cairo, my parents enrolled me in the American school. Most of the Americans there appeared oddly stifled, determined to remain, if not physically then sentimentally, back in the United States. It seemed particularly inconvenient that they had ended up in an Arab country.... Continue Reading →

Why Travel? Mark Twain Explained

-- Conclusion of "Innocents Abroad."  Following the path of Mark Twain, my sons and I cruised the Mediterranean, toured Southern Europe and the Middle East as 21st century innocents abroad. Click. -- Conclusion of "Innocents Abroad." 

Americans As Innocents Abroad Is a Recurring Theme

"We cannot play innocents abroad in a world that is not innocent." -- Ronald Reagan, State of the Union, February 6, 1985. Context. Book Revew: Culture Shock: Innocents Abroad. American Teachers in the American Century. "Innocents Abroad—no, not the one by Mark Twain—shows that Peace Corps volunteers, missionary teachers, and even Teddy Roosevelt's imperialists in the... Continue Reading →

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