Living Abroad As Fairy Tales, Comedies, Tragedies

Living abroad, life seemed so much more dramatic and starker than in my home country. At first, our time abroad seemed like a fairy tale. My family and I escaped the restrictions of life in our native land, the US, during the Great Recession. While our extended family and American friends, it seemed, were suffering... Continue Reading →

Travel As A Political Act, By Rick Steves

"Rick Steves wants to set you free," begins an extensive NYT Magazine profile on the travel guru. He believes "the tiniest exposure to other cultures" will change your entire life. Travel, Steves likes to say, " 'wallops your ethnocentricity' and 'carbonates your experience' and 'rearranges your cultural furniture.' Like sealed windows on a hot day,... Continue Reading →

Why Travel? Mark Twain Explained

-- Conclusion of "Innocents Abroad."  Following the path of Mark Twain, my sons and I cruised the Mediterranean, toured Southern Europe and the Middle East as 21st century innocents abroad. Click. -- Conclusion of "Innocents Abroad." 

Thinking of Living and Working Abroad? Here’s Our Story, And Some Things to Consider

Aspiration. When American Economy Collapsed, We Found Jobs Abroad. Fantastic Alternative to Underemployment. Seeing the World and Somebody Else Pays. Intimidated By Saudi Stereotypes. Venturing Outside Comfort Zone. Know Your Limits. What Are You Running Away From? Jobs of Expat Friends. Can a Trailing Spouse and Children Find Happiness Abroad Too? Fear, Disorientation and Sheer... Continue Reading →

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