6 Blogs for Exploration of Each Continent, Religions and World History

Based on my travels to more than 40 countries, to assist students in deciding their own travel abroad experiences, and to gain global perspectives,  I’ve created blogs that focus on continental travel.  These are not just repositories of travelogues, but links to movies, books, and articles that illuminate anyone’s experiences traveling the world.


Living abroad for eight years and visiting more than 40 countries has sparked a new passion for world history and how so many world events are interconnected, so much so that I am now seeking certification to teach social studies.

  • On Exploringreligionandspirituality.wordpress.com, I delve into Islam, Christianity and other religious traditions, take a sociological perspective on religion in the United States and share some of my own spiritual journeys.
  • On this blog, there is a section on the Middle East, based on my travels to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, while living in the United Arab Emirates. Students may wonder which of these countries is safe enough for a study abroad experience. I believe that all of them are generally pretty safe. I would add Morocco (which I have not visited). Saudi Arabia is also pretty safe, but the culture remains severely restrictive for Western tourists.  My first choice among Arab countries for a semester abroad experience would probably be Oman, in that the locals are very warm, friendly, real, and it’s safe. For a winter term one-month course focused on entrepreneurship, business, and/or tourism development and museums, I would choose the UAE, Qatar, and Jordan. Egypt, under military dictatorship, still feels quite repressive.

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