Humans Have Migrated Due to Wars, Famines, Disasters, Climate for Millennia

We Are All Descended from Migrants, National Geographic, 2019: “Even if you live today in the Rift Valley, in Africa, mother continent to us all, on the site of the earliest discovered remains of our species, your ancestors too moved—they left, changed, and intermingled before returning to the place you live now…None of us is a native of the place we call home…To be human is to migrate forward through time,..”

We are told the current migrations are unprecedented and must be stopped, because  “it represents a crisis, a flood, a disaster. We are told that there are two kinds of humans, natives and migrants, and that these must struggle for supremacy…” This division of humanity requires “a vision of a world of walls and barriers, and of the guards and weapons and surveillance required to enforce those barriers. A world where privacy dies, and dignity and equality alongside it.”

Humans Have Always Moved: “Human migration sparked by wars, disasters, and now climate. Homo sapiens have been on the move from almost their beginnings. Climate-caused floods, drought, and water shortages will likely join the list of reasons to migrate.”


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