Culture Shock: Disobeying Traffic Rules, Flouting the Law

Americans are very rule-conscious and obedient in their behavior on highways and streets compared to many other nations, especially Italy, the Middle East, India, and Vietnam. Perhaps this is because highway patrolmen are relatively plentiful in America, whereas other countries do not police or regulate their highways nearly as much. Learning to drive or even be a pedestrian safely in certain cities can be quite a culture-shock, quite anxiety-provoking.

In some countries, drivers can legally darken the tint of their vehicle windows beyond the US standard of 35 percent, so police cannot see who they are and engage in racial or ethnic profiling.  Using radar detection apps, they can ward off police detection and speed along quite merrily. But to many drivers, one has a sense that the highways are essentially lawless.

Watching This Gives Me Anxiety

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