85+ Jobs With Opportunities To See the World; Someone Else Pays

1-4. Medical professional and international aid worker: doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, telemedicine.

5-20. Communications professional: journalist (foreign correspondent), writer, public relations, strategic communications, advocacy, media analytics, sports communication and management, game-maker, cinema and television, communications design, interactive media, photographer.

21-24. Transportation. Pilot, flight attendant (steward or stewardess), airline or auto mechanic.

25-32. Travel. Hospitality. Food. Hotel management, travel agent, tour guide, chef, food imports and exports, cruise ship worker, au pair, ski instructor.

33-43. Military.

44-58. Business and Economics. Marketing. Research. Entrepreneurship. Architecture. Design and Construction. Parts. Acquisitions. Deal-making. Inspection. Finance. Investment. Analysis. Standards. Quality Control.

59-66. Diplomacy. Foreign service. Conflict Resolution. Agency for International Development. World Bank. Peace Corps. Microfinancing. Consultant specialing in a specific part of the world.

67-73. Environmentalist. Geologist. Climatologist. Archaeologist. Forest Service. Biologist. Agronomist.

74. Customer service.

75. English teacher.

76. Educator.

77-83. Entertainment industry. Singer, dancer, actor, sound, lighting, set construction.

84. Engineer.

85. Scuba diving instructor.

86. Translator. If you know a foreign language, you immediately increase your job prospects. Job opportunities if you know a second language.

87. Working for an NGO — Non-governmental Organization — abroad.

Jobs that allow you to travel.

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