Consuming International Cuisine While Living Abroad And At Home

One amusing site in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates was the proliferation of “Southern” fried chicken fast-food restaurants or take-out. I cannot imagine that the natives or the Southeast Asian immigrants had any idea what “Southern” meant in this context, as in a cooking style from the Southern United States.

But did I really think about cooking styles from Mongolia (as in beef), Sichuan Province (as in chicken), Hunan Province (shrimp and pork), or pho bo (from Hoi An, Vietnam)?

We particularly enjoyed Indian, Turkish and Arab cuisine during our eight years abroad. Some of my Indian favorites were chicken, pork and vegetable samosas. Turkish favorites were simit, sucuk, kofte, borek and manti. Arab favorites were stuffed grape leaves; hummus (much better than in US), lamb, beef, goat; couscous; chickpeas; shish kebob and baba ghanoush. British cuisine has improved a lot in the decades since it was distinguished mainly by boiled vegetables, mashed potatoes, fried fish and chips, and beef pies.


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