Look for Jobs Abroad

Job seekers should not limit themselves to jobs in their home country. Traditionally, the British and the Filipinos are two nationalities that have passionately embraced this concept, with 20 percent of the population living abroad for at least a portion of their lives. In contrast, only a fraction of American civilians live abroad — currently about nine million, but that’s way up from four million in 1999. “In the 21st century, America’s greatest export could just be Americans,” wrote Suketa Mehta in “Go East, Young American” in the NYT. “Americans who work abroad do quite well; American pilots for Chinese airlines, for example, make $300,000 a year. All around the world, there are legions of Americans making a good living as engineers, corporate executives, English teachers…Some of my former New York University students were able to land lucrative jobs in the booming Indian news industry because they have writing and editing skills honed at a top American university. In India, their salaries can buy them an apartment, nice dinners, domestic help. Most of their peers in New York are still struggling in unpaid internships and have to be supported by loans or parents.” More

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