‘Expats’ Vs. ‘Immigrants’ Vs. ‘Migrants’ Vs. ‘Labourers’ Vs. ‘Refugees’: Which Will You Be?

“Why Are White People ‘Expats’ and Others ‘Immigrants’?” Provocative piece in The (UK) Guardian.

However, as someone living in a nation with 90% of the population from somewhere else, I don’t entirely agree. I think it’s more of a differentiation of social class rather than race. “Expats” are educated and skilled workers from developed or developing countries. “Labourers” are less educated workers — they may actually be as skilled or more skilled in what they do — and are often incredibly hard-working. The terms “migrants” and “immigrants” implies permanent change — they don’t intend to go back to their home countries. The word “Refugee” suggests individuals who are fleeing their home country because of economic and/or political crisis.

Expatriate games | Mind your language | Media | The Guardian

https://www.theguardian.com › Media › Language

Apr 11, 2011 – Increasingly I have felt uncomfortable when British people overseas, or press organisations such as the Guardian, use the term “expat” with …

The British abroad: expats, not immigrants | Ritwik Deo – The Guardian

https://www.theguardian.com › Opinion › Immigration and asylum

Jul 9, 2012 – For a year or two I fancied I was an expat myself. I came from India to study at St Andrews on a bursary. I mingled with classmates who had …

Are You an Expat or an Immigrant? It’s Only a Word After All…

Nov 28, 2015 – Expat or Immigrant? … However, The Guardian article explores the use of the term expatriate or expat more deeply. … countries and in a host of other developing countries are often simply called labourers and often worse.

In China, Who Is An Expat And Who Is An Immigrant? – Forbes

Apr 3, 2015 – The expat vs. immigrant phenomena can be seen in many of those Chinese cities that attract workers and professionals from the international …

meaning – Difference between “expat” and “migrant worker”? – English …


Jan 24, 2013 – from The Guardian. – Andrew … Strictly by definition, an expat (or expatriate) is someone who is living in a foreign country. … For example, people working outside their home country are both expats and migrant workers.

Global apartheid: Are you expat or immigrant? (updated)

Apr 11, 2011 – Whether you’re an expat or an immigrant depends not on your … He feels uncomfortable when British people overseas, or the Guardian, use the term “expat” …. Hire locals only as house workers never eat with me, for I am an …

The Difference between Expats and Immigrants? Not Race, but …


Mar 26, 2015 – Instead of jockeying to find racism in who is an expat and who isn’t, we should allow every individual to live and work where he or she wants. … Koutonin on the Guardian website last week: “Why are white people expats when …

‘Migrant’ vs ‘Expat’ – what do you consider yourself? > Changing …


Aug 14, 2015 – This discussion has also come up in the Wrocław Expat group on Facebook following The Guardian article and a survey done by a student of …

Expat vs Immigrant: What’s The Difference? | Girl vs Globe


Jul 13, 2016 – An expat or expatriate is simply defined as a person who lives outside … As Mawuna Remarque Koutonin aptly points out in The Guardian, the term …. who are working abroad are called “overseas Filipino workersor OFWs.

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