About 3% of Americans Are Expats, compared to 20% of Brits

Less than three percent of Americans make up the American diaspora, or are expats, if you calculate the U.S. population as 319 million.

In contrast, the British diaspora is probably more than 20 percent (with a population of about 60 million in 2004, an estimated 13 million were living abroad).

Sri Lanka has a total population of about 20 million; about 15 percent or three million live or work abroad.

In the Philippines, about 12 percent of the population lives or works abroad.  Overseas Filipino is a common term.

About 11 percent of the Mexican population emigrates or lives abroad, primarily in the US.

The American diaspora has doubled from about four million in 1980 to about eight million today, and about one percent of American college students now study abroad, so globalization is having a small effect on American lifesytles.

<<The Association of Americans Resident Overseas estimates that eight million nonmilitary Americans currently live abroad, in more than 160 countries. While there are no reliable statistics about motives, few of the expatriates are believed to have left out of disgust with their politicians. Much more likely, they made a job-related move. Or retired to a warmer climate and friendlier economy. Or simply took a vacation and never came home.>> — NYT.

Some things for expats to consider when moving abroad:

  • high price of gas. “The highest price is in Hong Kong ($7.19 per gallon), the lowest in Venezuela (4 cents per gallon).”
  • challenge of driving a car. “A study by the traffic app Waze, based on data from 50 million drivers, rated the Netherlands the best country overall for driving, El Salvador the worst.”


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