Walking Like An Egyptian to Avoid the Vendors and Hustlers at the Pyramids in Giza

I made this video for my students who are learning English. I am an American based in Kayseri, Turkey, and frequently traveling the region.

Before tourists even step off the bus at the pyramids in Giza, Egypt, outrageously aggressive vendors are lying in wait for them, offering “gifts” with which they “welcome” you to the pyramids. They place headscarves on your head and then demand a “small token” such as “$20 or $30 dollars, 20 or 30 Euro” for their hospitality. No thanks. They play a “cat and mouse” game with the authorities at Giza. Despite their obnoxious distraction, the pyramids were awesome. I hope I captured the fun of the visit in this video.

Remember the 1980s hit, “Can You Walk Like An Egyptian”? It provided some inspiration for this video. Here’s Michael Jackson dancing to it (embedding disabled), and here’s the original music video featuring the Bangles:

Published on my old blog in 2010.

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